COWGER BUYS MOUNTAINEER JOURNAL: People accused me of already owning it, so I bought it.

I am proud to announce a new addition to Cowger Nation Media Network, Mountaineer Journal, which will serve as a conservative aligned digital media outlet.

Mountaineer Journal was originally created on February 6, 2016, and launched as “West Virginia’s Source for State and Local News.”

In the 2016 Mayoral and City Council elections, the website drew criticism and popularity for exposing much of the corruption that was occurring at city hall. While the site did not specifically endorse any candidates, it was chastised for exposing factual information regarding the Mayor, which much of their information was even featured on and The website was worth approximately $137.00, according to professional estimates.

Of course, this caught my attention, especially considering that I also had several liberals in the community quickly accusing me of being responsible for the operation of the site, along with They believed if they could successfully “expose” that I have been the incognito writer(s) of the sites, they could bring legal action against me for anonymously posting information that could damage my opponents, due to my candidacy for a city council seat.

What they didn’t know: for the past two years, I have operated a media company that builds and hosts websites for dozens of organizations. A group of our clients were the owners of Mountaineer Journal. For the record, I also tried to host, but the owners of that site found another service that they believed would be more appropriate for that specific purpose.

While I personally had no connection with either site, my company did host one of them, which was perfectly legal because neither Cowger Nation Media Network nor I were responsible for its operation.

“People accused me of already owning it, so I bought it.”

Due to all the controversy surrounding the site, the former owners became bored with it and no longer wished to build an online news platform serving Buckhannon and West Virginia.

I (on the other hand) love controversy. Freedom of press and speech are two rights that contribute to making this national great. That is why I decided to purchase this site without hesitation. It was responsible for exposing corruption in our local government, and it would be a shame and a disservice to West Virginians for the Mountaineer Journal to become dormant. We have completely remodeled the site, and will work to provide professional news coverage, serving the people of West Virginia.

For a while, I have personally wished to own such a platform to cover state news; therefore, I made the decision to acquire

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