EDWARDS OUT — Disgraced City Recorder given option to resign or face charges.

After losing his prior mayoral election amid the “gasgate” scandal, City Recorder Rick Edwards has been given the option to resign or face charges. According to The Record Delta, the Upshur County Prosecuting Attorney has told Edwards that he has until August 31, to resign from his position or would be charged for the unlawful use of a city gas card.

While serving as the acting-Mayor, Edwards allegedly used a city gas card to fill his personal vehicle with premium fuel. He also submitted travel vouchers to be re-reimbursed for fuel that he purchased with the city gas card.

Prosecuting Attorney addressed a letter to Edwards on July 14, 2016, exclaiming that if he did not resign from his position by September 1, 2016, he would deliver charges to the grand jury in September.

On the condition that Edwards resigns, the letter stated that the attorney will not “present the results of the police investigation of Mr. Edwards’ use of a City of Buckhannon fuel card and/or the filing of allegedly fraudulent travel vouchers to the September Term Grand Jury.”

The letter also noted that after the misuse of the card was revealed, the Edwards’s wife paid back the several hundred dollars owed to the city.

According to the report, Edwards signed and agreed to the terms as listed by Godwin. The signed section read, “I hereby confirm that I agree to the agreement in this letter and that I understand its terms and conditions.”

Edwards expressed that he is strongly considering resigning, but not because of the gas card issue. He told the Buckhannon newspaper that his consideration for filing a resignation is due to “better opportunities” arising since February.

One of Edwards’ fraudulent travel vouchers

Gas Card Usage

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