MAYOR RICK EDWARDS: Tax breaks for local businesses is welfare.

Mayor Rick Edwards, who filled to run for his position in 2016, responded to candidate for city council Caiden Cowger, after Cowger made a statement criticizing the council for supporting a fee hike on building permits.

Candidate for City Council Caiden Cowger

“When building permits were being increased, Councilwoman Pam Cuppari (one of the only conservatives presently on the council) stated that she believed contractors would not be pleased with the building permit hikes,” Cowger stated. “The Mayor responded that Mrs. Cuppari was wrong, because contractors didn’t show up to any of the council meetings to object. It is not the contractors responsibility to give input to the council. It is the council and mayor’s responsibility to approach the contractors, and get input from them, especially before making a decision that will dramatically affect their profession. We need people in there who actually know what they are doing.”

Edwards responded, “Unfortunately our city has not [grown up from the 80’s] in terms of inflation and CITIZEN needs. Not those of business and special interests here. For a conservative Republican, you sure seem to think that businesses need a teet from the citizen that actually subsidize our community.”

The mayor continued, criticizing Reaganomics.

“Trickle down theory does not work,” he exclaimed. “Business can handle their own, we don’t need welfare for them anymore. Look at bailing out S&L and Banks (business). Citizens actually loose….again.”

“Comparing a bailout to a tax break is absurd,” Cowger responded. “Calling a tax break for businesses ‘welfare’ is equally as absurd. You’re just making excuses to raise fees, when you yourself have even admitted that enacting programs, such a ‘comprehensive’ business and occupation tax, will not generate much additional revenue for the city. It just places a bigger burden on small businesses. Business owners are citizens.”

Rick Edwards is presently running against 3 other candidates for mayor: David McCauley, Michael Cowger and Mikel Bodner.

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