PLANNED PARENTHOOD ‘HATE HAS NO HOME HERE’: We must keep fighting for abortion.

BUCKHANNON — On Friday, Emily Thompson, who serves as the Planned Parenthood South Atlantic Field Organizer, delivered a speech advocating for the increased availability of abortion. Her remarks were made at the “Hate Has No Home Here” event that was held at Wesley Chapel, organized by Upshur Indivisible.

“We’re down to one abortion clinic in the state, and there are severe restrictions on abortion. We have to keep fighting for our healthcare, and we have to keep fighting for our right and ability to choose [abortion],” Thompson expressed. “So, at times this state feels so hopeless it can take your breath away. Women face barriers of discrimination that would take years to reverse. But, guess what. West Virginia women are also leading the resistance.”

“Since January, we have been unstoppable. Take this very summit for example. It was organized by women. The majority of the presenters were women. You’ve been listening to amazing women speak at this rally. So that’s… yeah!”

The Planned Parenthood organizer then led the group in chants.

“When reproductive healthcare is under attack, what do we do?” she firmly asked.

“Stand up, fight back!” the crowd yelled in unison.

“When our trans brothers and sisters are under attack, what do we do?” she inquired.

“Stand up, fight back!” the audience yelled again.

“When racial justice is under attack, what do we do?” she questioned.

“Stand up, fight back!” the group shouted.

“When West Virginia women are under attack, what do we do?” Thompson asked.

“Stand up, fight back!” the cowed shouted for a final time.

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States, and has conducted over 7,854,600 abortion procedures since 1970.

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