JIM JUSTICE: I can’t name one cut that I would make.

CHARLESTON, WV (MJ) — During Tuesday night’s debate, Democratic candidate for governor Jim Justice was asked by the moderator to give one example of an area that he would cut, if elected to the position.

“I really can’t,” Justice responded. “And the reason that I can’t is because I have not been in office.”

Republican candidate for governor Bill Cole stated that he plans on creating cuts to regulation, legal reform and expressed that other changes are needed in order to form a more productive business climate.

The unspecific response from Justice creates an extremely blurred image of what lurks from a Jim Justice administration. Without a specific plan, as to what needs to be reformed, a reformation to lower taxes and decrease West Virginia tax payers’ financial burden cannot take place.

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Caiden Cowger

Caiden Cowger

Caiden Cowger is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of the Mountaineer Journal. He also serves as a political commentator, columnist and radio host. In 2015, he was named by Talkers Magazine as being the "'Youngest' Syndicated Talk Personality" in the United States.

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