Liberal Anti-Trump Snowflakes protesting on Main Street, met with Trump Supporters

Left: Trump protesters (Image © Record Delta) Right: Trump supporters (Image © Patty Adams)

BUCKHANNON — On Saturday, approximately 55 protesters gathered on Main Street to oppose President Donald Trump, referring to their event as the “Human Rights March.”

Starting at 1:00 pm, liberal protesters assembled around the Upshur County Courthouse. On the opposite side of the street, 13 Trump supporters gathered, displaying an American flag.

Image © Record Delta
Trump supporter marching in front of anti-Trump protesters (Image © Record Delta)

The anti-Trump protesters then marched to West Virginia Wesleyan College, with a Trump supporter holding a sign reading “These people are stupid!!” leading their path. Along their way, Trump supporters riding in cars, trucks and jeeps displaying American flags began patrolling their route. This consisted of vehicles blasting their horns, playing patriotic music and roaring their engines.

When they arrived at the end of East Main and transitioned onto College Avenue, dozens of WVWC fraternity members were gathered outside of their housing facility, displaying American flags and yelling in support of Donald Trump.

Following their campus checkpoint, they marched back to Main Street. Upon their return, 10 additional Trump supporters gathered on the opposite sidewalk.

The liberal marchers remained until exactly 3:00 pm, when they then dispersed. The Trump supporters remained until approximately 5:45 pm.


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  • Go home. You people for the Muslims are a few snowflakes short of a snowball. President Trump is trying to get our country in order. These Muslims need to stay in their own country. We have enough illegals mooching off the taxpayers. All aboard the Trump Train, it’s in full motion.

  • This piece is mis-named and mis-reported. These “liberal snowflakes” were not protesting Trump. They were protesting the travel ban, which keeps out people from seven countries with largely Muslim populations, none of which actually contain anyone who has ever done a single act of terrorism on American soil. USA is a member of the Geneva Convention, of which member states are obliged to take in refugees, and this ban keeps out Syrian refugees indefinitely. It is inhumane. You conveniently did not report on the frat boys who assaulted the peaceful protestors by belching carbon black from their modified diesel truck, spewing carcinogens on elderly, children, and those with compromised immune systems, not once, but TWICE. You also didn’t report on the protestor who actually hugged the man carrying the sign. The peaceful protestors sang songs and chanted messages that ask us to consider whether we want to condone hate or act out of love. The liberal message was clear: “No hate, no fear; everyone is welcome here.”

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